Wildlife You Will See in Your Home This Winter

The low temperatures of the winter months force many animals to seek warmth, which leads them into our homes. As a professional Maryland wildlife removal company, we’ve been helping folks keep their homes critter-free for years, and we wanted to take some time today to talk about some of the different wildlife you may find in your home this winter.

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While they usually spend their time in our trash cans, raccoons will make their way into our homes looking for warmth. Most commonly found in either an attic or basement, raccoons are great climbers and like the dark cramped spaces that attics and basements provide. If you’re hearing scratching in your house, you may have raccoons living there and need to get in contact with a Maryland wildlife removal company.


Birds typically build their nests in trees but are also known to build roosts and nests in the attic of a home. Birds are noisy and messy, and you’ll likely be able to see them entering your home. Trying to get birds out of your home can be difficult, so if you have birds in your home get into contact with a professional Maryland wildlife removal company.


Another common animal we find running around people’s homes are squirrels. Squirrels are usually harmless but can chew through wires and have been known to carry rabies. You’ll likely be able to hear them running around and scratching. If you have a squirrel, or squirrels in your home, get help from an experienced Maryland wildlife company.

Get Help from a Professional Wildlife Removal Company in Maryland

Here at Bay Area Wildlife, we’ve been providing Maryland with our wildlife removal services for years, and we’ve enjoyed every moment of it. If you have an animal living in your home, or if you’re hearing noises in your attic or basement, give us a call. Our team of wildlife removal specialists is standing by ready to assist you.