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Raccoons may look like cute little furry bandits, but they are not always as harmless and innocent as they may seem. These animals can bring with them many troubles and dangers to homeowners and those living in residential areas. Raccoons are known to find their way into attics and crawlspaces of homes and, once there, can be quite problematic to remove. They are nocturnal, making it more difficult for residents to notice their presence and activities, and typically cohabit in groups meaning that if you find one, there are likely a few more not far behind. We provide our racoon pest control services to Seaford, Easton, St. Michaels, Oxford, Queenstown, Centerville, and many other areas of Maryland and Delaware.

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​Raccoons in Your House?
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How do you know if you have a raccoon in your home? If you’ve been hearing noises emanating from your attic, particularly during the night when they are most active, then you could have a raccoon poking around up there. Raccoons are very skilled climbers and can find their way into any part of your home. If you notice any kind of climbing marks, on your home, scratches or claw marks, then this could be a sign that a raccoon is calling your house home.

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​Here’s How We Help with Raccoon Removal

We believe every member of the animal kingdom deserves the right to live a long and happy life, which is why we are committed to catch-and-release policies. We are animal advocates, and although we fully understand how much damage certain pests can cause to people’s homes and properties, we prefer to stay away from lethal removal methods as often as possible.

The best, and nearly only, method of removing raccoons is to capture them via a trap and relocate them to an area away from residences while still suitable to their needs. Trapping a raccoon can be difficult, and adding exclusionary repairs afterward is paramount. What’s the point of removing the raccoon if the proper prevention methods aren’t in place following extraction?

Mother raccoons are often found in residential attics, as they tend to use the shelter as a nursing space and will often give birth to their young there.  This is why Bay Area Wildlife’s safe and effective methods are key to retrieving all animals present, young and old, from your property. We are licensed and insured to take the preventative action necessary to keep unwanted pests from occupying your property and practice humane methods for removing the animals that are currently invading your space.


If You Have a Raccoon Problem,
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If you are in need of raccoon removal services, or any wildlife removal services for that matter, don’t hesitate, give us a call today. Their removal is best for both parties. You don’t want them in your home, and all animals are better off living in the wild.

We are always standing by ready to answer any questions you may have and can set up an appointment for any time. If you’re in need of emergency raccoon removal services, then we’ve got you covered there as well, as we offer emergency wildlife removal services 24/7.

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​What You Need to Know About
Raccoon Removal

When it comes to something as serious as animal removal, you want to go into the situation with as much information as possible. We get asked questions regarding raccoon removal all of the time. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions, and some answers to said questions:

​What Diseases Do Raccoons Carry?

Raccoons are perhaps the animal most associated with rabies, and for good reason. Raccoons have some of the highest rabies rates in the animal kingdom and are common carriers of the disease. Rabies can, of course, be fatal if left untreated.
Additionally, raccoons often carry canine distemper, a disease that can be lethal to dogs. Their excrement may contain roundworm which, when inhaled by humans, can cause a serious infection.

​How Do I Keep Raccoons Away From My Property?

In short, there is no sure-fire way to keep raccoons completely away from your property. They are excellent climbers so most fences wouldn’t do anything, and things like flashing lights and sprinkler systems have proven ineffective. The best way to keep raccoons off of your property is to figure out what is attracting them in the first place, and removing it. If they’re eating your pet’s food, bring the food inside. If they’re tearing into your trash, either lock your trash up somehow or bring it inside.

​Exactly What Kind of Damage Can Raccoons Do to My Home?

Raccoons can wreak all sorts of havoc upon your home. They often will tear and scratch up your attic, possibly damaging either your home’s insulation or foundation. Their poop carries diseases and can pile up causing horrible smells and leaving stains on your home. Raccoons also have a tendency to poop in pools, which can be particularly dangerous on account of the diseases.

Raccoon Removal Services Near Me.

Raccoons are one of the animals we get the most calls about, usually because they’re always looking for food, and love to get into garbage cans. Here at Bay Area Wildlife, we provide Seaford and other areas of Delaware with our raccoon removal services. Give us a call to see how our team can help trap and relocate any raccoons on your property.

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