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Do you hear scratching sounds coming from the attic? Have you been hearing hissing in your walls? You might have wildlife living in your home with you. If you suspect that there is an animal in your home, then you need to call on the experts at Bay Area Wildlife Solutions. We will ensure that your nuisance wildlife problem is solved with respect to your home and the wildlife involved. We provide services to Easton, St. Michaels, Oxford, Queenstown, Centerville, and many other areas of Maryland and Delaware.

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Animal Removal Requires
A Wildlife Expert

Everything we do here at Bay Area Wildlife Solutions begins with education. Year after year, we study new techniques and stay up to date on best practices for animal removal throughout Delaware and Maryland to ensure that we’re always doing the best we can. There are many factors that can affect the process of removing an animal from a house, deck, or shed. Not to mention the laws that govern the handling of wild animals. We have the expertise you need to ensure that the process is smooth and safe.

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Trapping and Relocating Services Are Humane

Animals have important jobs in our environment. However, to do that job, they need to be in the environment. So, when it comes to addressing a nuisance wildlife problem, catching the animals and relocating them to a place where they can do their job is the best thing to do for everyone involved. Trying to kill the animals is against the law in some cases and keeping the animals is out of the question. Not to mention the fact that handling wild animals can be quite dangerous due to the possibility of contracting a disease.

We Handle Exclusions and Repairs Too

When animals take up residence in your home, they often leave a trail of destruction on their wake. From torn insulation to chewed up electrical wires, a raccoon can do some serious damage to your home. Not to mention the fact that wildlife can put you and your family at risk for a wide variety of diseases including, but not limited to, rabies. After we’ve removed and relocated the animal that invaded your home, we will go the extra mile to ensure that the problem has been completely handled. We’ll sanitize the area, make necessary repairs, and then perform exclusion services so that it won’t happen again.

We Can Help With Animal Removal

If you’re dealing with a nuisance wildlife problem in your home, then Bay Area Wildlife Solutions is here to help. We offer complete solutions that include humane removal and relocation, repairs, and exclusion so that you can rest easy knowing the problem has truly been solved. Contact us today for more information or to get help with your problem right away. Day or night, our emergency animal removal services are available to you.