Summer Snake Safety and You

The majority of snake bites happen in the summer when snakes tend to be the most active. So, whether you’ve found one in your house or you’ve seen one on a nature walk, you need to know how to stay safe when snakes slither up to you. Here’s what you need to know.

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Don’t Startle the Snakes

For the most part, snakes are not aggressive animals. They’re mostly interested in minding their own business and that usually doesn’t include interfering with humans. However, snakes will bite if they feel threatened. So, the number one rule for snake safety is to leave them alone. If you see one on a trail, leave it be and keep walking. Now, it may be harder to leave the snake alone if it’s in your house with you, but you need to make sure that children and pets are nowhere near it to avoid disaster. If you’re gardening, always wear gloves and use a garden tool to rustle plants before you reach into them.

There are Venomous Snakes in Maryland

Though we may not have king cobras in our local wilderness, Maryland is home to both Copperhead and Timber Rattlesnakes. Both of these snakes carry some serious venom and can lead to serious health complications. If you or someone you’re with is bitten by a snake, call poison control right away. In many cases, there is time to talk to them and get the best advice for your situation.

However, if the victim is having trouble breathing, struggling to stay conscious, or a vulnerable party (like the elderly, a child, etc.) then call 911. The most important thing is to stay calm and get the bite victim the help they need quickly.

Snakes Could Be Hiding in the Walls

Though the thought of snakes in the walls is enough to send most people running for the hills, it does happen. If you find one snake, there could be more, so stay extra vigilant around areas where snakes could hide. Under the stove, beneath beds, in the backs of closets, and many other cool, low traffic areas are all good places for a snake to rest.

Get on the Phone With a Professional Wildlife Removal Company

If you have a snake in your house, no matter what kind, you need to get on the phone with us right away so that we can help you. It’s possible that there is an entire nest of hidden snakes in your home without you knowing and though that is a terrifying thought, you’ve come to the right place to get the problem solved.