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Have you noticed a fox getting into your trash or squirrels tearing up your attic? That’s where we step in with our specialty and remove your wildlife problems. We specialize in trapping and relocating nuisance wildlife, then following up with repairs and exclusions to ensure the animals don’t return. Everything we do is designed to preserve the safety of the animals and humans involved. We provide services to Easton, St. Michaels, Oxford, Queenstown, Centerville, and many other areas of Maryland and Delaware.

What Do I Do If My Pet Gets Into a Fight with a Wild Animal?

Dogs and even cats or other pets can sometimes become territorial and fight wild animals that come onto your property. We have a comprehensive page concerning this question HERE.

Do You Provide Services in My Area?

We serve customers all across Delaware and Maryland in these areas:

  • Rehoboth, DE
  • Sussex County, DE
  • Talbot County, MD
  • Long Neck, DE
  • Kent County, DE
  • Eastern Shore, MD
  • Lewes, DE
  • Dewey, DE
  • Bethany, DE
  • Fenwick, DE
  • Millsboro, DE
  • Ocean City
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​Are You Open 24/7?

We are. We have emergency wildlife and bat removal ready to go should you need it. We recognize that your wildlife problems need to be addressed immediately, and we’re always on call to help you.

Can I Trap the Animal Myself?

There are too many risks when you get involved in trapping wild animals, like diseases and the possibility of them getting loose again. Not to mention that it’s illegal for property owners to trap without valid permits for some animals. It’s best to leave animal trapping to the professionals to ensure maximum safety for yourself and others.

Can I Just Shoot the Animal?

Absolutely not. There are laws in place that govern this practice, and we prefer to humanely remove wildlife. We are licensed and insured to handle wildlife removal, and it’s best to leave it to us. After all, wild animals have important roles in our environment; we need them to keep the ecosystem healthy.

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Do You Handle Bugs or Other Pests?

We do not deal with bugs and other pests, we specialize in handling wildlife removal. Call on us when you see a snake, bat, squirrel, beaver, or other nuisance animals. We’ll get them trapped and relocated to a safer place, then make necessary repairs and seal your home after we’re done.

Do Wild Animals Carry Rabies?

Not all wild animals carry rabies, but some might. You should be especially wary of bats in your attic, as that’s how a majority of cases of humans having rabies originate from. Some signs of rabies are: foaming at the mouth, the animal may appear to be acting “drunk,” they might be agitated and bite and snap at you, or the animal is typically a nocturnal creature but they’re out during the day exhibiting abnormal behavior. Sometimes they even appear tame and seem to have no fear of humans. If you’re unsure if an animal has rabies or not, keep your distance and call us to take care of it.


Do You Have More Questions
About Wildlife Removal?

If you’re still unsure about how to handle your wildlife problem, you should call the professionals. We will talk to you about what’s happening and figure out the best approach in removing any pesky wildlife from your home. Call Bay Area Wildlife Solutions today to learn more about how we can help you get rid of your wildlife problem.