Residential and Commercial

Are you having wildlife problems? Do you hear noises in the attic? Are raccoons destroying your property or getting into the garbage? Are squirrels chewing holes in your roof and rampaging throughout the garage? While these are only a few of the things wildlife animals can do, there are certainly more. Both damage and putting people and pets at a health risk need to be a concern to all property owners. At first, what may seem to be a minor issue can quickly turn into a vast and dangerous problem.

At Bay Area Wildlife , we offer removal services, exclusion, and damage repair; we also provide property management services to residential and commercial property owners to avoid any wildlife problems.

The first step to resolving any human-animal conflict is performing a thorough residential and commercial property wildlife animal inspection. Secondly, the proper methods for removal must be done. Once the wildlife animals are removed, the necessary steps are vital to seal off entry points etc., so other wildlife animals do not return.

After these methods are completed, it is highly recommended to schedule property management services with Bay Area Wildlife. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing your property is always in the best of hands, keeping it safe and out of harm’s way from unwanted wildlife intruders.


Have we convinced you how important it is to keep wildlife animals away from your residential and commercial property? From a destruction perspective and for health reasons, it is recommended to have these services.  Whether monthly or annually, we can customize a property management plan for each property owner’s needs. Our team of highly trained wildlife specialists provides the most detailed and thorough property animal inspections, removal, prevention, property management, and repairs to any damage caused by the wildlife animals.


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