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Kent County is home to a wide variety of animals and though they are an essential part of the ecosystem, they do not belong in your house. Whether you’re hearing squirrels in your attic or you’ve seen a few skunks in your yard, Bay Area Wildlife Solutions is here to help you. We understand the ins and outs of handling animal removal that are safe for everyone involved.

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Wild animals may cause trouble around the house, but they are an important part of our world. Bats often consumed thousands of mosquitoes in their lifetimes. Opossums eat dangerous, venomous snakes. Squirrels spread nuts and seeds and aid with forest renewal. Beavers are essential for the renewal of our wetlands. All this to say, animals are very important for the environment. Part of what we do is make sure that those animals are actually in their environment rather than hanging out in your trash cans. We are dedicated to helping these animals succeed where they belong, in the wild.

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​ We Serve Kent County, DE with Animal Removal

There are some problems in life that can be ignored until they go away. Having animals in your home or yard is not one of these problems. Even if the raccoons in your attic aren’t causing you any distress today, you’re giving them the opportunity to chew through electrical wires, burrow through your insulation, and defecate in your home. Raccoon feces, in particular, can be very dangerous as they are often full of roundworms, which can remain viable for up to 20 years.

Thankfully, when you partner with a professional wildlife removal company, you can trust that we will completely eliminate the problem safely and thoroughly. Some of our services include the following:

  • Kent County, DE Squirrel Removal
  • Kent County, DE Raccoon Removal
  • Kent County, DE Bat Removal
  • Kent County, DE Snake Removal
  • Kent County, DE Bird Removal
  • Kent County, DE Skunk Removal
  • Kent County, DE Opossum Removal
  • Kent County, DE Fox Removal
  • And More!

Are You Having Trouble with Nuisance Wildlife in Kent County, DE?

If you have wild animals in your home or on your property, then contact us right away. We offer wildlife removal throughout Kent County and will respond to emergency situations when the need arises. No matter what kind of wildlife is causing you trouble, we’re here to help.