delaware snake removal

Are you having issues with an animal on your property? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer our comprehensive wildlife removal services to Bethany and many areas of Delaware. We wanted to take some time to outline some of the services we offer today.


Expert Animal Removal and Exclusion

At Bay Area Wildlife Solutions, we’ve spent years keeping animals off of properties and removing them when they do find their way in. Removing an animal safely and legally can be difficult, and is usually a job best left to the professionals. No matter what kind of animal you have on your property, we can help.

delaware bird removal

Different Animal Removal Services We Offer

Our team of animal removal experts actively participate in ongoing training and education. When we come out, we will assess the situation, and remove the animals, all while remaining in accordance with local laws. We use humane methods, and use lethal traps only as a last resort. We offer removal services for many different animals, including:

  • Milton, DE Fox Removal
  • MIlton, DE Bird Removal
  • Milton, DE Skunk Removal
  • Milton, DE Raccoon Removal
  • Milton, DE Squirrel Removal
  • Milton, DE Bat Removal
  • Milton, DE Opossum Removal
  • Milton, DE Snake Removal
  • And More!

Get Help from an Experienced Wildlife Removal Expert in Milton, DE

If you’re having issues with an animal/animals on your property, Bay Area Wildlife Solutions is here for you. We will remove the animal, sanitize the area, and can provide repairs and exclusionary services as well. Additionally, we also offer 24/7 emergency services. Give us a call, or contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.