Which Animals Can Get into Your Chimney?

As someone who has been providing bird and animal removal to Delaware and Maryland for years, we’ve seen all kinds of animals get into some of the craziest places, but one of the most common ways critters can enter your home is through your chimney. We wanted to take some time today to talk about some of the different animals that can get into your chimney.

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Out of all the different animals we’ve found in chimneys, we find bats the most. Being nocturnal, oftentimes bats can remain in your chimney for a period of time before they’re even noticed. Trust us though, you don’t want any bats in your home. They can carry rabies and all kinds of diseases, and their feces (guano) can contribute to poor air quality conditions in your home. If you have bats in your chimney, contact an experienced Delaware bird and bat removal company.


Though they usually build their nests in trees, squirrels will also build their homes in your home, commonly in your chimney. Once in your home, squirrels can run amok, believe us you don’t want to wake up and come downstairs only to find a squirrel sitting on your couch. The best way to remove squirrels from your chimney is to contact a Delaware bird and squirrel removal company.


While they’re probably more likely to get into your garbage cans, we’ve seen raccoons looking for food enter homes via the chimney. Raccoons have very sharp claws and can carry rabies and other diseases, so steer clear if you have one in your home, and contact a professional Delaware raccoon removal specialist.


Birds of all different sizes and shapes like to roost in chimneys. We’ve seen chimneys that had starlings and pigeons, and we’ve seen chimneys that had eagles and hawks. Trying to flush the birds out can be a tricky task, so if you have birds in your chimney, make sure to call a professional Delaware bird removal company.

Work with a Professional Delaware Bird Removal Company

Here at Bay Area Wildlife, we’ve seen and done it all. Whether you have an animal in your chimney, your shed, your attic, or anywhere else on your property, we’re here to help. Our team of bird and animal removal experts is standing by ready to answer any question you may have, give us a call today.