Springtime Pests: Invasive Wildlife to Look Out For

squirrel wildlife removal md - Springtime Pests: Invasive Wildlife to Look Out For

Spring is just around the corner, and just as people will start to go out more and enjoy the warm weather, so too will many of Ocean Pines’ wild critters. Some animals were hibernating through the winter and will be coming out for the first time in a while, and other animals may just be more willing to travel farther for food now that it’s warmer. As a company that specializes in Ocean Pines, MD wildlife removal, we wanted to take some time today to talk about some of the different animals that may start giving you problems this spring.

Mischievous Squirrels

If you’ve ever sat at a window and watched some squirrels run around, then you know how crazy those furry little critters can be. Maryland as a whole has a huge squirrel population, and while most of them live their lives without bothering humans, some of them inevitably cause problems. Squirrels can tear up gardens, destroy bird feeders, and can nest in people’s attics. If you’re having problems with squirrels in Ocean Pines, MD, you need to get some help from a professional animal removal company.

Raccoons Wreaking Havoc

In addition to seeing plenty of squirrels outside this spring, Ocean Pines, MD also has a substantial raccoon population. Raccoons are scavengers by nature, so they will do just about anything for food. Like squirrels, they will tear up gardens and bird feeders, but they tend to get more into the trash. If you’re having an issue with raccoons in your garbage, or in your home, then make sure to contact an experienced raccoon removal specialist in Ocean Pines, MD.

Bats Flying About

Bats are integral parts of the ecosystem, and without them, bug populations would go unchecked. But that doesn’t mean we want them roosting in our homes. Bats are mostly nocturnal creatures so you may not see them much during the day, and if you do you should steer clear because bats appearing in the daytime can be a sign that they are rabid. If you’re hearing scratching noises in your attic at night, there’s a chance you might have bats living there. This is a problem that needs to be taken care of right away because bat guano (feces) can carry many different harmful diseases that are dangerous to humans.

Work With a Professional Squirrel and Animal Removal Expert in Ocean Pines, MD

Here at Bay Area Wildlife Solutions, we’ve been providing our animal removal services in Ocean Pines and other areas of Maryland and Delaware for years, and we’ve enjoyed every moment of it. We love helping out our community and are so happy when we have a repeat customer or a customer that’s been referred to us. Don’t let squirrels or any animal wreck your day – give us a call and let our team of Ocean Pines, MD animal removal experts help you!