Common Winter Pests to Look Out For

Winter is the time of year when many animals seek shelter from the cold. While some animals migrate or hibernate during the winter, there are still many that are active during the winter. When the temperatures drop, your home can quickly become a gathering place for unwanted pests and cause problems for you and your family. Take a look at some of the most common winter pests to look for:

winter pests - Common Winter Pests to Look Out For

Mice and Rats

Regardless of the season, mice and rats can be problematic. However, during the cold winter months, mice and rats usually seek warm shelter and that’s how they end up in residential houses. They’re able to enter through the smallest of holes, so it’s important to have any possible points of entry sealed up. In addition to sealing any holes and cracks, consider doing the following to keep these little guys out of your home:

  • Don’t leave food sitting out.
  • Cover your air vents.
  • Seal up any food that you do have.
  • Keep your attic and garage tidy.


These pesky animals can sneak into your home and build nests for the winter. Squirrels like to stay in the attics and chimneys of homes due to the lack of human interaction. To avoid having squirrels in your home, replace any rotten wood and seal up any entry points such as pipes and exposed holes.


Although bats are generally inactive during the winter months, they can still find a way into your attic and hibernate there for the winter. Inactive bats may not seem very problematic, but if you happen to stumble upon hibernating bats, it can mean trouble for you and your family because of the wide range of diseases that they have been known to carry. To prevent bats from entering your home, keep your doors closed as often as possible and seal any other possible points of entry.


Raccoons are cunning creatures that easily adapt to their environment, so they are present year-round and their reasons for entering homes are not specific to temperature. Raccoons can enter your home through attics and chimneys and set up nests. These animals can be vicious, destroy your belongings, and often carry diseases such as rabies, roundworm, and leptospirosis.

Unwanted Pests in Your Home?

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