Are There Signs of Snakes In Your Home?

Do you suspect that your home is harboring unwanted slithering guests? Delaware and Maryland are home to over 27 species and subspecies of snakes, so it’s not unlikely that they can end up in or near your home at some point. Most of the snake species found in Maryland are not poisonous, but it can still cause a level of uneasiness knowing that they may be lurking near you and your family. Take a look at some of the signs that you have snakes in or around your home.

snake removal in MD - Are There Signs of Snakes In Your Home?

Shed Skins

This is one of the most obvious signs that you have snakes in your home. Snakes shed their skin several times a year as they grow. They leave behind dry, scaly sheets or crumples of dead skin. A snake removal expert can help you identify the type of snake it is by looking at the shed skin.

Slither Tracks

Snakes don’t have feet; they get around by using their stomachs. When they move through soft dirt or a on dusty floor, they leave behind S-shaped tracks. You can use these tracks to help you find where the snakes may be hiding, or you can get a snake removal company to investigate the problem for you.


Snakes have very distinctive droppings. There are two parts to these droppings: a white/yellowish liquid along with a long, brown piece. Snake droppings often look similar to bird droppings, but they also may include hair and bones from their previous meals.

Foul Smells

Some snakes emit foul odors. The most common snakes that emit smells are:

  • Garter Snake
  • Black Racer
  • Rat Snake
  • Ring-necked snake

If you notice a new unpleasant odor in your crawlspace or other low to ground spaces, it may be time to contact a snake removal specialist as soon as possible.

Let Bay Area Wildlife Take Care of Your Snake Problem

Here at Bay Area Wildlife Solutions, we know how uneasy it can be to know you might have snakes roaming around your home. We value the safety of you, your family, and your home. As wildlife removal experts, we believe that every living creature deserves a chance at life – which is why we choose humane snake removal practices when serving our customers in Delaware and Maryland. If you’ve noticed any of the signs of snakes in your home or on your property, contact us to schedule snake removal today.