Issues Raccoons in Homes Can Cause

Do you have raccoons in your home? Have you been hearing noises in your basement or attic? Whether you know you have a racoon in your home, or suspect it, you need to get some help from a professional Maryland pest control company. At Bay Area Wildlife, we’ve been providing the good people of Maryland with our animal removal services for a long time, and wanted to talk today about some of the different issues raccoons can cause in your home.

issues racoons can cause in homes - Issues Raccoons in Homes Can Cause

Damage to Your Insulation

Many raccoons will make their way into houses due to the loss of their own homes. While it’s definitely sad that so many animals suffer from habitat loss, letting them move into your home is not a solution. Raccoons will tear up your walls and insulation as they build their nests. Obviously, this will cause damage to your insulation, making your home less efficient.

Urine and Feces Can Lead to Disease

If a raccoon is living in your home, they’re going to be using the bathroom there as well. Raccoon urine and feces can carry a variety of diseases, and should be considered health hazards. Raccoon droppings can result in poor air quality, which can be extremely detrimental to those with respiratory issues.

Raccoons Pose a Fire Hazard

Just as they will chew through your insulation, raccoons will also chew through wiring in your home, which can lead to a fire hazard. With raccoons chewing through your wires, your home is in constant danger. You never know which spark will finally start the flame that can reduce your home to ashes.

Get Help From a Professional Animal Removal Company

Do you have a raccoon in your home? Any other kind of animal? If you need help getting an animal off your property, get into contact with us today. Our team of experienced Maryland pest control experts is standing by ready to answer any questions you may have, and are ready to help!