Tis the Season for Critters to Find Shelter in Your Home

Animals prefer to make their homes in nature, but as more and more natural habitat is destroyed, more and more animals have made their homes in our homes. It’s Holiday season, and while it can be a fun and festive time for many, for animals it’s just cold. During the winter many animals will seek shelter and warmth inside of our homes. At Bay Area Wildlife, we’ve been providing people with our animal removal and exclusion services for years. We wanted to talk today about just some of the different animals native to our region that could make their way into your home this Holiday season.

Tis the Season for Critters to Find Shelter 300x200 - Tis the Season for Critters to Find Shelter in Your Home

Birds Commonly Nest in Attics or Gutters

Birds are by far one of the most common animals we get calls to remove. There are lots of small bird species that live in our region, and with the destruction of trees, their natural place to build a nest, many of them have built nests in attics, gutter system, and many other nooks and crannies around the home. Birds can tear at insulation, and their droppings can carry diseases. If you have birds living in your home, you’ll want to have them removed as soon as possible, and will probably want to have some exclusionary equipment installed.

Squirrels Can Be a True Nuisance

Just like birds, squirrels are also an animal commonly found nesting in homes. Birds can cause some damage, but squirrels are notorious for the havoc they can wreak. They will tear through your insulation and walls, leave droppings about, and will chew through your wires. All of which are bad, but chewing through wires creates a serious fire hazard, one that could threaten yourself and your entire family.

Raccoons Can do More than Just Knock Over Trash Cans

Sure, the knocking over of trash cans, and spilling of trash is an annoying problem, but having raccoons living in your home is a much bigger one. You can solve the trash can issue with a trash corral, or by adding locks to your cans, but removing raccoons that are living in your home can be tricky. The safest way to do so is to use traps, as raccoons can become very aggressive and hostile when they feel threatened.

Having Issues with an Animal in Your Home? Get Help from an Animal Removal Company with Experience

The Holidays should be a time of joy, and you have enough to worry about, without having to worry about a pesky animal interrupting your plans. No matter what kind of animal you’re having problems with, our team of animal removal experts will be able to assist you. At Bay Area Wildlife, we’ve removed more than our fair share of animals over the years, and we can help you too. Reach out to us to get a free estimate, and to schedule a service today. Don’t let an animal ruin this Holiday season, let us help you!