Maryland and Delaware Snakes

There are 27 different species of snakes that thrive throughout the state of Maryland, two of them venomous Snakes feed on a wide variety of small creatures and are very particular about what they eat.

Nuisance Snakes and problems for homeowners

Snakes will find their way into your home looking for food (mice, insects, etc..) in attic, crawl spaces and sometimes your living space.


Snake Removal /Exclusion

The first step is to ensure that there are no openings in your greater Atlanta home or other structure where snakes and rodents can enter. Snakes can get through very small holes (about the size of a quarter), a professional whole house snake inspection may be necessary.

Once snakes are removed, entry point(s) should be located and sealed, as not to allow snakes and rodents to enter into the building/home.

Call today for your professional snake inspection. Bay Area Wildlife Solutions offers exclusion techniques that involve sealing any snake entry points.


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