Why You Shouldn't Do It Yourself

Do it Yourself Raccoon Removal


Top 5 Reasons to try and get rid of your own raccoon problem.

  1. You like doing things yourself.
  2. You don’t like getting ripped off and someone quoted you a ridiculous price.
  3. Your wife told you to.
  4. You like to hunt, you’re not afraid of anything - how hard can it be?
  5. You already have a trap and your friends at work told you it was easy to do.

What will you do with it, IF you catch one? Chances are you’re going to put it in your car and move it to “somewhere else”

  1. Ok, hope he doesn’t go to the bathroom in your vehicle - raccoon roundworms are microscopic and shed by the millions in most of their poop. Scare yourself today with a google search about raccoon feces and roundworm eggs that can stay viable for up to 20 years!
  2. What if he scratches or bites you, or worse gets out of the cage while in transport through the house, or in your vehicle? Again, scare yourself today with a search regarding zoonotic diseases and raccoons.
  3. I only wrote 2 reasons because that’s enough to get the point across - you must understand that there are dangers in any field, wildlife control is no different.

It is illegal to possess (much less transport) wildlife in the first place without a license so you’ll be in violation of the law, then even with a valid license you cannot release animals just anywhere and most states have strict regulations with how to dispose of wildlife. Hire a licensed PRO it will save you greatly in the long run!

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