Keeping Animals Out of Your Home Once They’ve Been Removed

If an animal gets into your home, you’ll have to get it out and may need the help of a professional animal removal company to do so. But how can you be sure that animals won’t just get back into your home? At Bay Area Wildlife, we’ve been providing homeowners in Maryland and Delaware with our animal removal and exclusionary services and wanted to talk about how you can keep animals out of your home.

remove and keep animals out - Keeping Animals Out of Your Home Once They've Been Removed

Plug Any and All Holes Around Your Home

Animals can squeeze through even the tiniest of holes, so if you don’t plug them all up, any animal you have removed has a good chance of being able to get back in. Some holes can be repaired, but others will require the installation of exclusionary cages or equipment. We have a lot of experience installing exclusionary equipment, so if you have any questions, give us a call.

Keep Bird Feed Away From the House

You may love looking at the birds around your house, but all of that bird feed can attract a lot of animals to your property. We recommend you not keep bird feeders, but if you decide to keep your bird feeders, you want to keep bird feed off the ground and keep it in places where the animals can’t get to it. 

Seal Your Garbage Cans

Most animals will wander into your yard looking for food, so you want to give them as little initial incentive as possible. This is why we advise you to keep your bird feed up, and also why we recommend you use lids with your garbage cans, and may even want to invest in a garbage corral.

Want Some Help from a Professional Animal Removal Company?

Whether you’re having problems with squirrels, raccoons, birds, or any other kind of animal, we’re here to help you. At Bay Area Wildlife, we employ only highly experienced pest control professionals. If you need help, don’t let your problem go on any longer; give us a call.