Common Birds on the Eastern Shore that Can Cause Problems

Maryland is home to hundreds of species of birds. All of them are beautiful in their own way and when they’re in their natural habitats. They aren’t so nice and beautiful when they enter your home. Take a look at this list of the most common birds on the Eastern Shore that can cause problems if they enter your property.


Common Birds on the Eastern Shore that Can Cause Problems 300x200 - Common Birds on the Eastern Shore that Can Cause Problems


Baltimore Oriole

Contrary to its name, Baltimore Orioles are found in many other places other than Baltimore. These birds return to Maryland from Central America at the beginning of April. Easily tempted by sweet treats, Baltimore Orioles can be lured to backyards by sweet fruits, berries, and nectar. Sometimes, they even end up in people’s houses. While they seem like small innocent birds, once inside your home, they can destroy your insulation, walls, and personal belongings.



Maryland is home to the highest breeding concentration of Ospreys in the world. For that reason, it’s no surprise they can sometimes end up inside houses. Their nests are often found on channel markers, highway signs, and numerous man-made platforms along the eastern shore. But, they can also build their nests inside your home, in the attic, and chimney. Or wherever there is adequate space to build a nest. This can lead to extensive damage to your home or even a fire. 


Common Raven 

Another common bird that can cause problems for homeowners on the Eastern Shore is the Common Raven. They’re remarkably adaptable scavengers and predators and can survive all seasons, including extreme heat and cold. The Common Raven can enter your home in hopes of finding a warm place to stay or looking for food. If they do enter your home, it’s important that you contact a MD animal removal company before they can destroy your home. 


Chimney Swift 

These birds return in the spring and are highly dependent on city structures for nesting. That means they can set up their nest right into whatever material your house is made out of. If they do, it can result in damaged siding, a damaged roof, or a fire hazard. Chimney Swifts enjoy the warmth that building a nest inside a chimney can provide, but if a flame reaches its nest, it could burn the house down. 


Scarlet Tanager 

This tiny bird can cause major problems for your home. They’ve lost a lot of their habitat, so it’s not uncommon to see them inside Maryland homes. Scarlet Tanagers are small creatures that can enter your home in any number of ways. But once they do, they can spread disease and damage your walls, insulation, personal belongings, and much much more. If you see one of these birds inside your house, call a humane animal removal company to have the bird safely removed from the premises so that you can get back your peace of mind. 


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