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Have you been having some problems with animals venturing onto or living on your property? Our team at Bay Area Wildlife Solutions has been providing the people of Ocean Pines, and many other areas of Maryland, with their services for many years. Whether you need assistance removing an animal, or setting up exclusionary equipment, we’re here for you.

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​Experienced and Trusted Animal Removal Experts in Ocean Pines

We all like to see animals at the zoo, or when we’re on a hike, but most of us aren’t too keen on having them close to home, especially when many wild animals can be dangerous. Trying to remove an animal yourself is likely a bad idea. Many mammals can carry rabies, and amphibians and reptiles can be poisonous. You are much better off getting some help from a professional Ocean Pines, MD animal removal company.

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We Offer A Variety of Ocean Pines, MD Animal Removal Services

When you’ve been in the industry as long as we have, you learn all the ins and outs. Our team members will meet with you, and walk you through their whole plan, how they plan on removing the animal and what will happen afterwards. We offer more than these, though these are some of the services we provide the most:


  • Ocean Pines, MD Squirrel Removal
  • Ocean Pines, MD Fox Removal
  • Ocean Pines, MD Bird Removal
  • Ocean Pines, MD Raccoon Removal
  • Ocean Pines, MD Skunk Removal
  • Ocean Pines, MD Opossum Removal
  • Ocean Pines, MD Bird Removal
  • Ocean Pines, MD Snake Removal
  • And More!

Get Some Assistance From an Experienced Wildlife Removal Company

If you’re having some issues with wildlife on your property or in your home, give us a call. Our team of animal removal experts is standing by ready to answer any questions you may have. We offer 24 hour emergency services as well. No matter the size of your issue, we’re here for you.