5 Ways Summer Insects Attract Wildlife to Your Property

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year. The sun is out, things are warm, and the pool is open, but summer can also bring out large numbers of insects. Bugs themselves can be nuisances, but they can also attract larger wildlife onto your property. As an experienced Maryland animal removal company, we wanted to take a bit of time today to talk about some of the different ways summer insects will attract wildlife onto your property.

ants on cupcake 300x200 - 5 Ways Summer Insects Attract Wildlife to Your Property

1. Looking for Food

Animals, like birds and raccoons, can be drawn to your property if you have a high number of bugs there. Animals that eat bugs tend to be more active during the summer, as this is also when most insect species are active. So if you’ve been seeing a lot of wildlife around your property recently, it may be because they’re hungry.

2. Some Animals Follow Pollinators

Bees, butterflies, and moths are all pollinators, making them extremely vital parts of our ecosystem. Without pollinators, most of the world’s plants wouldn’t be able to survive. Pollinators often travel great distances, and some animals will follow them. If you see a lot of bees and butterflies around your property, this could be what’s attracting wildlife.

3. Insects Find Food Before Animals

Any kind of food you leave out in your yard will attract both insects and animals, though the former will typically find it first. If you notice some insects going after the food on your property, the wildlife is likely not far behind. Keep your property clear of any kind of food to dissuade both insects and wildlife from coming.

4. Once One Animal Comes onto Your Property, More Are Sure to Follow

When one animal roams onto your property, they may as well be bringing the whole forest with them. If one animal finds food, then before too long more will come. This can lead to a chain reaction. A few bugs show up which leads to an animal, which leads to a whole mess of animals showing up.

5. Work with an Experienced Animal Removal Specialist in Maryland

If you’re having unwanted animals come onto your property, then the best way for you to keep them out is to work with a professional animal removal company in Maryland. Here at Bay Area Wildlife, we’ve been helping out Maryland homeowners for years, and we can help you too, so give us a call today!