5 Common Ways Animals Get Into Houses

When you come home after a long day, you don’t expect to be greeted by a wild animal. Your home is your sanctuary, not a sanctuary for animals. To get rid of an animal in your home and prevent it from coming back, you first need to know how it got inside your home in the first place. Here are five of the most common ways animals get into houses.

top ways animals will enter your home - 5 Common Ways Animals Get Into Houses

1. Roof

When was the last time you’ve seen your roof? Many of us don’t have the equipment or ability to go on the roof and inspect it. But if you did, you might find a small opening where animals are entering your home. Animals can enter through missing or damaged shingles, roof vents, and other types of holes in the roof. If you can’t get on top of the roof and examine it, examine it from the bottom and look for any missing shingles or signs of animal nests.


2. Chimney

Animals are great climbers. It’s easy for them to climb your chimney and enter your home. It’s also easy for bats to congregate inside a chimney. Chimney caps are stainless steel mesh barriers that cover the top of your chimney and keep wildlife out. When it’s broken or goes missing, it poses the perfect opportunity for wildlife to enter your home. So, make sure your chimney cap is intact and fits perfectly onto the chimney. 


3. Crawl Space/ Basement 

Animals don’t just come from the sky. They can also enter your home from the ground. One of the most common ways animals enter houses from the ground is through crawl spaces. Animals enjoy hiding in dry and dark environments, and crawl spaces and basements are their ideal type of environment. Look around your home’s foundation for any gaps where animals can enter.


4. Siding

Gaps between layers of siding or shingles often go unnoticed. But not to wildlife. Animals can find gaps in your home’s exterior siding and use them to enter your home. Even the smallest of holes have the potential to be an entryway for various types of wildlife. They’ll use their teeth or dexterous paws to make the hole large enough to enter.


5. Open Doors and Windows

Sometimes it’s the simplest way animals end up in houses. A door or window that was left open is the perfect opportunity for animals to enter your home. Even if you keep windows on the ground floor closed, windows and doors left open above ground level can still be an open invitation for wildlife. To prevent wildlife from entering your home, you can keep your garage door closed, windows closed, and pet doors secured. 


Do You Have an Animal in Your House?

If it’s already too late and an animal has entered your house, call on Bay Area Wildlife to remove it. We’re a local animal removal company that specializes in humane and fast animal removal. We provide service 24/7, so give us a call to see how we can help you.